Our Friday night youth group for school years 7-13 (Ages 11-18yrs) Click here to find out more


As a church we believe that praying is 100% necessary in our lives and in the ministry of the church.

Every Tuesday we meet from 12pm – 1pm to pray together and believe with each other about various issues within people’s lives, the church, our nation, and the world.

We also meet at 7:30pm – 8:30pm every second Tuesday.

Connection Groups

We believe that building community and strengthening relationships, as well as, studying the word and praying together as a smaller group of people, alongside developing our spiritual gifts.

Because of this belief we meet together across the city every second Wednesday in what we call Connection Groups. In these groups we fellowship together, worship together, study the word together and pray together.

We currently have connection groups in, Carlton, Bakersfield and Arnold. If you would like to join a Connection Group near you then please use the form on the contact us page and we will connect you with one of our groups.


Chatterbox runs during term time from 9am-12pm every Thursday morning.

Chatterbox is a group for parents and 0-3 year olds to come and fellowship together. Soft play, toys, tea, coffee and biscuits will all be available. The purpose of these mornings are to take the pressure off parents.

We aim to unite parents together and to form early friendships amongst children.


“Cameo” Stands for Come and Meet Each Other and is a weekly event that takes place on a Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.

Cameo is a place where mature people can come and relax in a warm and happy environment. Tea, coffee and cakes are served followed by a short talk, quizzes, craft activities, indoor bowling, bingo and sometimes as visit to the Garden Centre. Currently, there is a charge of £1 per head.

If you would like to know more please contact the church office on 0115 910 0120 or contact us through our contact page.

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