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Carlton Community Church’s response to Coronavirus

The leadership team have met and prayerfully considered our response to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak and how we will respond to the advice of our government. 

This is an anxious time for many people, in our church community, and in the communities in which we live. We are fed constant updates through the media of significant changes to our ways of living, we hear predictions about rising coronavirus case numbers and fatalities, and we see changes to things we all take for granted, like shopping, which are contributing to a rising sense of fear. it is important that we remain calm, and I advise you to consume news in balance, and be mindful to check the credibility of any news you hear, this is very important!

Although these times are unprecedented in our lifetimes, we must not be fearful. Paul writes: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”. Philippians 4:7.

These are testing times also for us as a Church community, and what we should do. As Christians, meeting together is normally an “essential contact”, to worship together, to share communion, to pray over one another, and to move further on our spiritual journey. Yet we are asked not to meet, potentially for many weeks, and even months. The direction we are given from the Government and medical community is clear, and unequivocal: the more we meet, the more likely we can unknowingly transmit this virus between one another, putting the elderly and vulnerable, friends and family members, at risk. This is also the recommendation from Assemblies of God UK.

There is no doubt that this is the case, and we can see from other countries how the rapid growth in cases is putting pressure on the health service in a way that we have never seen before. We all rely on our health service, and yet we are being warned that if we do not follow these guidelines, we put patients at risk because not everyone who needs it will be able to get the care they need. As a Christian community we have a responsibility to play our part in reducing transmission, yet this does not mean that we cannot share together, support and nourish one another, and worship together, even when we are not in the same room. As I preached on Sunday, we live in the Kingdom of God as well as in our country. Therefore we should live as Christians, and we should follow Government advice and should not meet together in the way that we normally do.

We are looking at ways in which we can be in our own homes and yet also be together as a community at the same time to celebrate. We will also identify what we can all do to support one another during this time. We have an opportunity to shine a light in our communities, to identify the frightened and the vulnerable, and to show God’s love to them simply by connecting with them and making sure they do not run out of supplies.

Staying connected is very important and I am recommending a number of practical ways for us to achieve this.

On Sunday mornings, plan a time to sing praises, to pray, practice Communion. We shall be uploading a twenty minute Bible teaching podcast on the Church website each Sunday. I am asking you to listen to this message and for us to engage in conversation with each other via the telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime. If you do not have access to the internet, we will get a CD of the message to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact the office or John. As a part of your worship service, take time to honour the Lord for his generous provision and take an offering! Put the money to one side and save for an appropriate time.

At least twice each week, make contact with 2-5 people and over the phone or internet, praise the Lord, share a scripture verse. Pray with each other and pray for the wellbeing of our community.

Remember our neighbours who may have no family members living close by, offer to help wherever you can. Also, when cooking your meal, why not do an extra portion, for your neighbour/neighbours. Some of our congregation have offered to help people within our church if they need shopping. Please contact John on 07730586947.

If you would like to give financially to the church, the church account details are: sort code: 40-35-18, account number: 91338773.

Again, please avoid all unnecessary contact, but do keep in touch with one another. 

Regards and blessings

John & Kathy





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